Reflection “Enterprise Network Management”

To: Professor Viviana Vladutescu

From: Dennis Trotter Jr.

Date: October 28, 2013

Subject: The Enterprise Network Management Reflection


Just like “The Cognitive Network,” “Enterprise Network Management,” deals with problems encountered in¬†networking;¬†specifically VoIP. VoIP¬†at the¬†start¬†seemed to be something that could be simply¬†integrated into present network systems. The article demonstrates common problems which¬†developed from the increased use of VoIP technology in our networks; traffic patterns have changed, with more bottlenecks, and decreased throughput. Now several companies have come up with different ways of monitoring VoIP traffic and have formulated methods to¬†reduce the impact of VoIP traffic on the rest of the networks ability to move other data.

Just as it was with¬†“The Cognitive Network,” feedback or monitoring certain aspects of what makes the system run at its best, can be used to improve the overall effectiveness of the system. Here again it’s determining the flaws and trying to eliminate as many¬†of them as¬†possible¬†while redeveloping the system. Here, also as was with¬†“The Cognitive¬†Network”,¬†there is only so much improvement possible; the more variables you put into the structure of the network, the harder it is to make that network perform efficiently. It can be hard to track exactly when too much VoIP traffic in a network can cause problems with the transverse of other data, remember the human element; it’s possible that someone¬†having a problem with a network will pick up a VoIP phone on that network and call someone about the problem, and if everyone relying on that network does the same, now your VoIP could further enhance the problem. Again the human aspect is¬†intertwined with the computer process and the results can be unpredictable.


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