Dennis Trotter Jr.’s ePortfolio

Dennis Trotter Jr.’s ePortfolio
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Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering Technology
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My name is Dennis Trotter Jr., this is my eportfolio website. I decided in 2010 to return back to school to strengthen my electronic knowledge and add a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering Technology to my Electronic Engineering Technology associates degree, which I obtained in 1983. At that time the electronic digital revolution was in its infant stages and has come on now to be the most significant integral part of our technical world.
Now with this new degree and gained knowledge, I am seeking a career where I can dedicate myself to learning, understanding, and improving how this new digital technology is embedded into our present electrical, electronic, and mechanical control systems. I want to use my life long developed skills along with my newly acquired education to help find ways to help renew our environment, through the development and usage of new and clean alternative energy sources, along, with the development of new low energy consumption devices for use with these sources.
You will find some of my academic school work and writing efforts on this site.

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