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Workplace Culture

The workplace culture at CityGraphics was a mix of formal and informal depending on the topic of things. The work station was an open work office with each intern and employee having their own desk. The fashion for the workplace was casual (button-downs, polo shirts, maybe a simple but safe graphic shirt on fridays), there wasn’t a strict dress code, just as long as it wasn’t inappropriate. The typical workday there was a 9am to 5pm, lunchtime would be one hour, usually at 12pm at noon or 12:30pm. The culture overall was safe, diverse and open mainly, but still professional when it came to dealing with cilents and projects.

Internship Interview Process

My time at DCAS was a brief time (since it was 2 1/2 months), but as a summer college intern, I mostly helped out with team projects and the small projects for the office. I was mainly an extra hand in need for print production and designing ads and tablets for different projects. I found the job luckily thanks to help from family (my mother helping me search for internships online), and as I applied in the end of May of 2017, I sent samples of my work, my resume and my cover letter. About a week or two weeks later, I got an email from the supervisor of CityGraphics, Stacy Beatty, he scheduled the in-person interview that friday. I went to the interview, the interview was nice, pleasing and importantly comfortable; the questions were mainly about my background and artwork samples I showed in-person. After the interview, it took another 2 weeks to offer me the job.

My Summer Internship at CityGraphics

From June to September of 2017, I was apart of a Summer College Internship program at the New York Department of Citywide Administrative Services (also known as DCAS). I worked for the Graphic Design department called CityGraphics, a design team that helps create flyers, logos, table mats, and invites to different cultural events for the city.

The Department of citywide Administrative services manages, leases, and purchases city real property; operates, manages, and repairs courthouses and other city-owned public buildings; administers an energy conservation program; purchases supplies, materials and equipment for use by city agencies; is responsible for citywide fleet management including operation and maintenance of a motor vehicle pool; and supports government recruitment.

I helped the team with designing business cards, and and signs for the Mayor’s office and different departments of New York.