Learning The Business

In my internship, I learned about the business and did some clerical work as well at times. I helped design different projects and checked for inventory a few times and helped set up the printers for posters. The typical day at work was clocking in, continuing on what I worked on that week or started yesterday, and if I was done, the Supervisor (Stacy) pitched a smaller project to work on if available. After that , I would clock out for my 1 hour lunch break, eat and take a break, clock back in when done and finish my shift. When there’s a new project, the team would have a meeting about the project and pitch our ideas for it, start it, and we would have a week or two for everybody to finish. While interning, I did learn mostly the expenses for a design team or design firm, especially if the print production is done through the team, which can be expensive to pay for papers and equipment.