Reflection on the Internship Experience

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For my very first internship, I believe this internship was a success. I really enjoyed my time here and it’s a shame that it is coming to an end. I believe that it did prepare me for the real world and helped me produce work at a professional level. There are definitely some design works that I am proud of.

One thing that I can take away from this internship is the new skills I acquired in After Effects. After Effects is always a program that I always felt kind of weird about. I took Motion Design in Fall of 2020, where I was able to learn the basics of After Effects. I was able to get the hang of it and was even featured in COMD’s The Motion Showcase. But once the class finished, I haven’t ever really used After Effects ever since.

But that changed with the internship. With the internship, not only was I able to refresh my mind on After Effects but also learn new skills. I was able to learn about masking, effects, and 3D layers, which is all something that I never used before. All of these definitely helped with my understanding of After Effects and made my animations look better.

I am forever grateful to my supervisor for taking me in and letting me work at the company.  This has been a really fun and interesting opportunity and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.