The Importance of Teamwork

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At my internship, since mostly everyone is working remotely, it is a bit difficult to work with others, when they aren’t there. However, even though we haven’t done a collective project together, we have worked on some things collectively. One example of this was when I needed a specific picture for one of my designs. I tried looking for one but couldn’t find one that best fit.

So my supervisor thought of the idea of capturing the pose himself. He set up a date and brought in some people that he knows. When the model came in, my supervisor and I told them about the campaign. I brought my computer and showed them the design I was designing and what I was going for. The image that I needed was of someone holding their phone in a specific angle, but couldn’t find any.

After that, the model got her phone and started posing to represent the image I was going for. We were taking pictures in 1 pose, but then started to expand beyond that. Different angles and different positions. It was fun to see my design coming alive, in a way. In the end, we came up with around 20+ different pictures.

At that moment, it felt really inspiring to be working alongside people professionally. It felt amazing to be working together to get through a problem as a team. It makes me appreciate my internship a lot more

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