My Role as an Intern

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The company that I am working at is an educational organization. This company works under a school department that covers all departments at that school. They design all the promotional materials. The company’s primary business is to show what this school has to offer. Within each design, they want to convey what school stands for. The company wants to show the inner cores, values, and standards of the institution and portray them in a visual matter. And these don’t only apply to the students, but to the facility as well, since the school is not only students. The company is a bit small and has a small office location. It is located in NYC and is close to the institution itself.

As an intern, my role as an intern is to help create advertisements for the company’s campaigns. These advertisements are meant to inform a specific group of people on information they need to know. These advertisements come in many different formats. Some can be in print form, while others can be in social media, or even in video format. It depends on the type of project I am given.