Visual Quote

For this project I had to come up with three visual quotes, strongly portraying the meaning behind the quote. My quote was “Don’t Forget To Smile” by anonymous. The drawing below was my ruff sketch. But it contained several flaws. One being that the quote wasn’t stated right, I put 2 instead of to. Which was a vital error. Secondly instead of using colors, fonts and shapes to display meaning, I used illustrations. The project required two symbolic visual quotes  and one picture or illustration involving the quote in some way.



The image below was my first digital visual quote. Enforcing the meaning of the quote in colors, size and shapes. First indication of this is with the word “DONT”. That word is in all caps, bigger than the other words, so it grabs your attention. It is in all red a very noticeable and outstanding color. Next is the word “FORGET”. It is also in caps and you can visually see the word gradually faded away, strongly showing a sense of forgetting. Then the word “TO” is pretty simply, its in all caps and its green which is suppose to indicate positivity because green is a very go for it color. For example traffic lights shine green so cars can go. And Lastly the word “SMILE” is all caps and yellow for calm and happy emotions, it is also shaped like a half circle to symbolizes a smiley face.



The image below is my second visual quote involving colors, sizes, and shapes to display meaning. This of course starts again with the word “DONT”. It is big, bold and red to catch the viewers attention first. However the word  “FORGET” this time is displayed a bit different. Now the whole word is faded the same throughout the letters and its show to be falling into a spike pit. Basely killing off the word. Now the word “TO” is almost as big as the “DONT”  display that importance and its still green to indicate the same meanings as before. The word “SMILE”  this time is a more loose and goofy font showing freedom and it is still yellow holding those same meanings. However this time there is smiling teeth below the word to better enforce that meaning.


This image is my last visual quote. Its was a drawn illustration that was turned into a digital piece. Its pretty self explanatory. Its depicts a DONT/STOP sign on both sides of a smiling face. In the mouth of the smiling face states the quote in a normal serif font in all black, which fully bring the whole image to one meaning. Dont forget to smile!