Video Project

For this assignment I had to come up with a concept on how to do something. I first had to create a flow chart with my ideas then later construct a storyboard displaying the events I planed on showing in my how to video. After finally gather clips for my video.

For my how to video I choose to show how to fold a shirt.












So for the start of the video I want it to show a comedic scene where the video showed a few wrong ways to go about folding a shirt. Then I want it to cut into the video showing viewers how to fold a shirt step-by-step with different camera angles. For scenes involving action in the front of the shirt I had a front camera angle, for scenes with action on the left there was a left camera angle and the same with the right. I used zoom on the camera to highlight certain parts of the video. For music I decided not to add any because most of the video was my comedic commentary so I want that to be the focal point but I did add a applause sound effect at the end of the video to give off the accomplished feeling.

I wanna start off by talking about the altercations to my project from my original plan. At first I had wanted to do a video on how to make a milk shake but after some time thinking about it and visualizing the set up and how to go about it I figured it would in turn out as pleasant as I would have wanted. When a friend gave me idea to do a video on how to fold a shirt I took it and ran with it being that I work retail at a store that sells apparel which has in the past taught me how to professionally fold a shirt, and since I’ve been there for 3 years I have tons of experience with it So I decided to construct the my video on that. My 1st idea was to create a video on how to fold a shirt explaining it step-by-step. But after some conversation, constructive criticism and feedback I decided to add a little excitement to my video by adding a nice scene at the beginning, a few different camera angles and some funny commentary to keep the viewer immersed.The only obstacles and challenges I went through during this project was finding a nice proper place to conduct the video shoot, as well as lighting, if I wanted to show my whole body etc. I decided to keep the lighting abit natural, to only show my hands and to fold the shirt on a table covered in white paper. Over all the final result came out very close to my expectations!