Class Trip to Brooklyn Botanic Garden

On June 6th, I was very lucky to take a class trip to this amazing park. It was so beautiful and breath taking.

Cherry Esplanade

Cherry Esplanade

Building Sustainability patches

The Japanese Hill-an-Pond Garden

Lilly Pool Terrace

Lilly Ponds

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Field Trip to the High Line with Marketing Class

I share with you a couple photos from my Marketing Course Field Trip of the High Line. Very gorgeous sceneries on a brick cold day.

A nice view of the sky around the mid-area of the High Line park walk.

An art piece taken at the High Line.

One of the buildings my class was passing by, plus an art piece of a statue.

This is an Hotel, beautiful structure.

There were numerous of plants that my class passed.

WE get to see a lot of great sky sceneries during our walk.

I believe this was a Maple Tree, the tour guide explains that people who decided this tree to display because it shows different looks every season.

Many of the plants were starting to bud… Spring is definitely “here”?

Pigeon Chilling on the Ledge of this Building during a really freezing day.

The Beginning of the walk, we see this building, there were bathrooms and an elevator to use.

This I believe was 14th Street and 15th

This was either an apartment building or a hotel.

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Concierge Assignment Powerpoint

Concierge Assignment Powerpoint

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What I made today

I made a Papaya Greek Yogurt Smoothie today muahahaa.. quite weird taste though ~.^20150912_141948

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Welcome Donna’s Page :)

Major of interest – Hospitality Management.

First week of college and I have already learned numerous information… which is very overwhelming.. and I will need sometime for adjustment.  Good news is that so far my professors are pretty darn nice.

On Friday August 28th, after a long day of 2 classes I was able to stomp my way over the Manhattan bridge back to Chinatown.

Journey across Manhattan Bridge.

Journey across Manhattan Bridge.

Journey across Manhattan Bridge. End

Journey across Manhattan Bridge. End

Journey across Manhattan Bridge.  Beginning.

Journey across Manhattan Bridge. Beginning.

August 9,2015

My past academic experience as a student is very abundant… despite my lack of memory, but the show must go on. I have much more to explore and learn. The reason being that I wanted to enroll in the HGMT major was because I really loved traveling as a child and I still do. So when I found out about this major I figured that I was captivated because the of the words Traveling and Tourism caught my eyes. Thus, now I’m currently taking this HMGT courses to reach my future goals. Although, I’m still undecided what I favor, taking these classes will genuinely help me figure out.

My current academic goals to pass my classes in order to take classes such as Culinary I and so on. Hopefully I will pass my Calculus class. Math is not my best subject, but I will have to study very hard to get this math credit.

My personal strengths are… I tend to be on the positive side. I try to be independent as I can. And I’m pretty sure there are more that I don’t know about yet.

My personal interests are that I love to eat. Sometimes I’d think to myself… Ohh I want to learn how to make that, how to make this, but I never do because I’m afraid it will turn out a mess, but I’ll be able to learn as I take this course hopefully. I loved to watch food network. I can’t imagine how hard it is like cooking in front of rolling cameras and etc. it must take a lot of practices despite speaking while cooking. I really admire that aspect of food network.


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