About Me

Hello everyone, to start this off, I am a very shy person, but as you eventually get to know me I WIll talk a Lot.. You will also understand that I am a amiable person although I may not look like it.  Anyways,  I’ve recently graduated from Benjamin N. Cardozo High School which is located in Queen’s and is a whole different atmosphere from college by the way. The new college idea seems to be highly overwhelming for me and I still have to take time to get used to the idea that work will be much more difficult and etc. I will have to push myself to study or prepare this or that to get to a passing grade.

However, I enrolled into this college because I was interested in this course when I literally saw Culinary Arts and Travel & Tourism, in which immediately I take interest in this subject, but I know that it’ll be tough to obtain in this degree and I am looking forward for learning the aspects of Hospitality Management and to become whatever I decide to be in the future and love it.

At home I currently have a pet cat called Mimi.. She sure is the one who kept me un-lonely when I am. She’s like my guardian angel.

My silly cat always at my bedroom door :)

My silly cat always at my bedroom door 🙂


I am a person who loves to promote happiness when I can :D.