Data Collection. Why does this even matter?

Not everyone is concerned about their data being collected. Most of us just accept the fact and not even think twice about it which is what enables companies to successfully collect our data and make a fortune by selling it. We might not realize, but certain companies pay a lot for information which we are giving away without us being aware of it. So what is the problem? Why would we be concerned about our data being collected? Why are companies spending money just to get our data? Listed below are some of the things we as consumers should be aware of.

Types of Problems:

  1. Subliminal Marketing:

Companies collect data to understand our demographics and curate targeted ads. One such scenario can be let’s say we are doing research on the newest phone out there in the market. A simple google search and the next thing you know we see a tremendous amount of advertisement all over our social media about cell phone carriers with insane amounts of deals. A simple google search can potentially end up locking a customer in for the next three years in a cell phone and service contract. This is one scenario of how subliminal marketing eventually ends up successfully reaching their goals.

  1. False promises by tech giants:

Companies promise that customer privacy is their main goal but our research shows otherwise. How would you feel if you wake up one day and see a random person reading your letters from your mailbox and leaving it in the mailbox. We probably will call the cops. Microsoft, Google and Apple have a tendency of reading through our messages and having an “e” before mail does not change the fact that the mail is not supposed to be read or scanned through a middle medium. If one of their main promises by all the tech giants is protecting customer information and they don’t keep up to their promises, what would make us believe other promises they make?

  1. Civil Liberty and Conspiracy

Not all of us want to share their information. From professional life experience, We have seen a lot of people concerned with their data being shared or collected. A lot of fear of constant surveillance and the government potentially monitoring us. Where is the liberty for people then? With all our personal data being collected so easily, what could possibly stop hackers from collecting more information and potentially stealing from us?