Digital Data Collaborative Project

Welcome to Team 4 Collaborative Project on “How can we stop Companies from gathering our Digital Data and selling it and making a fortune?”

Throughout this project you will be able to get a better understanding of what it means when companies steal the digital data of everyday technology users. This project is here to inform you of what happens when you use these application that you use on your personal devices and how it can impact you with out you even knowing.


What we discussed throughout the paper:


Throughout this project we discuss this world wide crisis of how companies are stealing our digital data.



Throughout our research we were able to come see what companies do with all the personal data they collect from all their users. And how they use it to profit it from it.


We were able to find important articles that pertained to our research and we got to see how these fortune one companies make millions from collecting our personal data and using it to see the things that interest us in order for these companies to make a fortine.


We each were able to talk about the articles that we found pertaining to our research. We each were able to discuss about different companies and how they utilize their users digital data.


We each took our research and discussed how this information was so important to this world wide crisis we are dealing with as we speak.


Overall this project is to show users what companies are doing with our digital data. However although we can’t stop companies from collecting our digital data. We want to show throughout this project alternative things that users can do to lessen their online footprint.


We wanted to show our readers steps that can be taken to not expose ourself as much on the internet. We have came to the understanding that there is not permanent solution but there are alternative steps that can be taken.