About Team


Jerson Vargas

I am a junior at City Tech who majors in Computer information Systems. My career is to be a cybersecurity specialist. What I like to do in my free time is fitness.

CONTACT: Jersonvavargas57@gmail.com

Turjo Chowdhury

I finished my Associates in Electrical Engineering and am currently working on my Bachelors in Computer Engineering. I have always been enthusiastic towards science and technology. I work as a Consumer Engineer for Samsung Electronics America and this is where I have seen a lot of people sharing their concerns on data being collected and how they don’t want to share all this information. Collecting our data is not the issue but what I think is an issue is not letting us control what can be collected.

CONTACT: Turjo.chowdhuryadi@gmail.com

Edward Acevedo

CONTACT: Edward.Acevedo@mail.citytech.cuny.edy

Im a senior at New York City College of Technology. My degree is Computer Information System but my major is Network and Security. I currently work for two technology companies, my positions at my job are Service Desk Representative and I’m also a Field Service Technician. And this is just the beginning for me I plan to keep growing and land a job that I love doing. Remember “Time is Money.”

Djeneba Bah

I am a sophomore at City Tech. Majoring in computer systems. In my freshman year, I took some IT courses such as: Python, HTML 5 and Java classes. In the previous years, I have been an intern in different fields. I was an intern for an IT company, where I learned about html and css basic coding. I am currently a staff member at Grand St Settlement at P.S 158 and this is my second year into the program. Throughout my past experience in this program, I have developed many personal and professional skills. I have improved my time management skills, how to cope with stress and working with team members to achieve our goals as a team and working with School Age Kids to do their homework and come up with creative projects. Lastly, I aspire to be a computer programmer(web developer) and also a non-profit organization director, where I will create my own organization that helps those in need,especially girls education in my country(Mali) and around the world. I am open to any collab towards creating an organization to help improve others lives.

CONTACT: Djeneba.bah@mail.citytech.cuny.edu or dbah7275@gmail.com.