Philosophy of Nursing

I believe the philosophy of nursing practice revolves around the Watsons Human Caring theory, which plays a major role within human interaction. This philosophy incorporates a nurse’s commitment to aide in the health, emotional, social, physical and spiritual

aspects of the community in which the nurse serves. I believe that nursing is the key to all health wellness and betterment of ones overall well being.

With nursing comes much time, care, and consideration; and with that lays much responsibilities. My responsibility toward my clients is to keep them safe at all times, while keeping abreast and maintaining all health, social, economic and mental issues they may have. The idea is to assist, eliminate and/or decrease all major issues faced by the client for a better outcome. I see that nursing isn’t merrily intervention practices, rather nursing is a holistic approach in caring for those in need. It is a sense of seeing the client as not just something that can be fixed but seeing them as a brother, sister, friend, or mother that needs to be cared for.

As a new graduate and nurse working in a medical surgical unit, I’ve come to realization that community setting nursing is much different than an acute/hospital setting. The main difference being time spent with the client as well as work load, burn out and stress piled on the nurse. An acute care setting within the hospital is more fast paced and chaotic than a community setting, leaving the nurse to be faced with increased stress levels and an inability to spend enough time with their client. I believe that it is quite a challenge to maintain the philosophy of nursing whilst under those circumstances. With better staffing principles and decreased workloads, I believe that nursing within the acute care setting can up live the dynamics of the nursing philosophy.

The roles of nursing requires the nurse to be professional, compliant, trustworthy, compassionate, caring, understanding and knowledgeable. We as nurses need to create a way where our clients feel comfortable enough to voice every concern that they may have in hopes to provide better care in the long run. The key to the role of nursing is to build a friendship while still maintaining all acts of professionalism which include being on time, wearing proper attire and being respectful.

Nursing is one of the most rewarding careers. Being able to provide care for those in need  gives my life meaning and with that I pledge to follow all aspects of the philosophy of nursing throughout my career.



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