Assignment 3

Essential Skills of Case management and Skills

Case management is a two-way process involving assessment, planning facilitation and care condition with the aim of meeting an individual’s and whole family’s comprehensive health needs.  Case management attains the described objective through communication and making use of available resources with the aim of promoting quality and cost-friendly outcomes. Case manager heads all the activities of case management in health center playing some major roles as stipulated below.

According to Powell, & Tahan (2010), the significant role played by people holding positions of case managers is helping people get through hard times. At times, case managers are also known as social and human service assistants; case managers help individuals in difficult circumstances by providing them with different types of services including offering advice, providing the best way in which the affected individual can liberate himself or herself from the situation they are subjected. Moreover, case managers play an essential role in helping people faced with life difficulties to find the services they require, developing plans for medication or recovery.

To be in a position of fulfilling the mentioned roles, case managers must possess some skills such as communication skills. The ability enables case managers to speak on behalf of their clients to others. The individuals holding responsibilities of case managers should also be compassionate. Bearing in mind that case managers in most cases deal with people subjected to stressful situations, displaying a compassionate skill is important since it facilitates their making progress when handling their victims. Time management is also an additional skill that a case manager should show .the ability helps the manager in dealing with multiple customers in need of the manager’s help. Lastly, the manager should also portray the trait of problem-solving.