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Slides of industrial presentations.

Slides for Authorea Talk by Alberto Pepe

Slides for Data-driven, Interactive Scientific Articles in a Collaborative Environment with Authorea now available.


Slides from Cloud Computing Talk

Slides for “Pharmacology Powered by Computational Analysis: Predicting Cardiotoxicity of Chemotherapeutics” by Jaehee Shim now available

Slides for “How We Use Functional Programming to Find the Bad Guys” by Rick Minerich

Slides for the “How We Use Functional Programming to Find the Bad Guys”  by Rick Minerich are now available.

Slides from “Introduction to New Features in Java 8”

Slides from today’s talk on Java 8 by Raffi Khatchadourian. The slides are also available in HTML format here (sources).

Slides from “Android Apps the Right Way”

Slides from yesterday’s talk on Android app development by Michael Barnathan.

Slides for the “Software at Scale” Talk

The slides for the “Software at Scale” talk by Michael Barnathan are now available on SlideShare.