Monthly Archives: April 2024

Data, AI, and Digital Twins in the Nanofabrication Domain

Samantha Roberts

Research Assistant Professor
Nanofabrication Facility Director
CUNY Advanced Science Research Center

May 2, 2024,  12Noon-1pm, Room N918

Micro and nanofabrication facilities employ advanced techniques including AI to make devices such as semiconductors(CPU,GPU), microelectromechanical, photonic, biological, and energy harvesting devices, to name a few of the applications. We will discuss the roles that data, computation, and AI can play in these unique fabrication processes.

The Technology Shift

Leotrim Mehmetaj

Software Engineer


April 4, 2023 12Noon-1pm

Room N918

In recent years, we’ve seen the emergence of artificial intelligence (better known as AI) play a huge role in the evolving software landscape. It’s important to discuss the limitations AI does provide and what it means for our future as we navigate through a massive technological shift and being able to understand humans biases and the power they hold over the upcoming technology.