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MAT1375 Precalculus Spring2014 MW

Sybil Shaver
Mathematics|MAT1375|Spring 2014

Topics include absolute value equations and inequalities, functions and their graphs, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions.

ADV1100  D108  LEC29171

ADV1100 D108 LEC29171

Communication D...|ADV1100|Spring 2014

This basic, hands-on, mostly traditional-material design and color theory course explores graphic communication through the understanding of the elements and principles of design, as well as the design process, […]

MAT 1372 Statistics with Probability, Spring 2014

Sandie Han
Mathematics|MAT 1372|Spring 2014

Topics covered in this course include sample spaces and probabilities, discrete probability distributions (Binomial, Hypergeometric, Poisson), expectation and variance, continuous probability distributions […]

EMT1111: Logic and Problem Solving

Dr. Benito Mendoza
Computer Engine...|EMT1111|Spring 2014

This course introduces the foundations of problem-solving and computer programming as it is applied to computer engineering technology. It provides a basic understanding of programming techniques, logic, and […]

English 2201 American Literature 2 Spring 2014

Professor Sean Scanlan
English|ENG2201|Spring 2014

This course examines a wide range of literature from the Civil War era up to the Present. Primarily, we will read poems, short stories, memoirs, journals, and diaries. But we will also read historical documents, […]

Wine and Beverage Management

Prof. Karen Goodlad
Hospitality Man...|2402|Spring 2012

Course Description Historical introduction to fermented beverages throughout the world. Study of beverage making and tasting procedures, including jargon particular to the beverage trade. Basic understanding of […]

AR2330 Btech3 SP14

Prof. Paul King
Architectural T...|ARCH 2330|Spring 2014

Building Technology IIII

Effective Speaking

Effective Speaking

Humanities|spe 1330|Spring 2014

let’s get comfortable speaking in front of others



M. Genevieve Hitchings
Communication D...|GRA3611|Spring 2013

Course Description: An advanced course that continues to develop how to create, correct, and modify graphics. Students will learn advanced techniques for design, illustration and production on the computer, how […]

NUR4130 Professional Nursing Practice30729SP2014

Candy Dato
Nursing|NUR4130|Spring 2014

A variety of professional, historical, theoretical, ethical, and health related issues relevant to contemporary nursing are discussed. Students will use a variety of professional tools such as in-class forums to […]

GRA 1111 D306 Graphic Communications Workshop

Prof. Kubis
Communication D...|GRA 1111|Spring 2014

A visual and technological adventure exploring the known and unknown universe of Graphic Communications. Our exploration will begin with a review of the history of communications looking to ancient civilizations […]




This course builds upon the student’s knowledge of nursing and provides the requisites required for practice as a community health nurse. The focus is on health promotion, disease prevention and maintenance of h […]