Today’s notes & news articles posted!

Lovely Students!

DON’T FORGET!  On Wednesday Nov. 11, we’ll meet on Zoom at 11:30am like usual, then we’ll end about 12:15 so you can go to Blackboard to take Quiz #3.  I posted the notes from today’s class under “Class notes & materials,” they include several items that you MIGHT see on the quiz! 🙂  I STRONGLY encourage you to review them.  I also posted links to the various ethical rules we discussed, including NALA and NFPA’s paralegal ethics guidelines.

In addition, I posted several new articles under the “articles” tab, some related to the election (that you may use for the “election response” assignment if you didn’t post it yet, which you can still do that through the end of today) and some not election-related but still interesting.  Everyone is welcome to post responses to any of these articles, or other law-related articles that you find, for extra credit, at any time!

Have a pleasant evening and Tuesday, I look forward to seeing you Wednesday!

Prof. C.




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