Peer Mentor Check-In 10.6

Good Morning Everyone!!

I hope you are doing well and you’ve been having a great semester so far. I’ve been reading your posts on “Our Stories” and it’s been really cool getting to know some of y’all a little better. I promise, I will respond to all of your posts. But I just wanted to remind the entire group that you are smart, you are capable, and you can do this!

Below is my update for the week. As always, feel free to reach out for anything (, and enjoy the rest of the week!

1. Courageous Dialogue Workshop- *HAPPENING TODAY*Ā 

Do you want to learn how to be more engaged in difficult conversations? Partnering with LeaderShape, Student Life and Development is hosting a workshop on courageous dialogue to teach students how to be more present and engaging in difficult conversations. Join us on Tuesday, October 6th at 12:30PMĀ via zoom with the information below.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 819 0179 9767
Passcode: 196871
2. SGA EVENT: Mental Health Check-In, Thursday Oct 8th 12:45-2 pm
HavingĀ a virtual semester can be difficult, but no says you have to do it alone.Ā Student Government Association presents aĀ Mental Health Check-in.Ā Come join your SGA Officers and The Counseling Center to talk about what concerns you have this semester and learn about the various resources that are provided for you.

Take a break for yourself and join us!Ā We can’t wait to see you.

Please Feel Free to contact our VP of Activities & Events with any questions or concerns.

3. SGA Senator Recruitment– so as I’ve mentioned before, I am a part of the Student Government Association at City Tech, and we are currently recruiting Senators for the School of Professional Studies! SGA advocates on be half of the student body and plans events that would benefit the needs of the student body. It’s a really great organization and a great way to get involved, meet amazing people, and give back to your school and community. As our faculty advisor, I’m sure Prof C. would agree šŸ™‚

I’ve attached a link to the New York City College of Technology Student Government Association Constitution which outlines your powers as a senator (Article V, Section IX ) and the requirements to join SGA (Article IV, Section 2) . According to the constitution, applicants would need a GPA of at least 2.5. Unfortunately, first semester college students don’t have GPAs yet, but if you are a transfer student, you are eligible to apply through this link.

There would probably still be some opportunities next semester to apply so for those who can’t just yet, I just wanted you to get familiar with SGA, what we do, and what you could possibly be doing in the future.

4. NO SCHOOL NEXT MONDAY (Oct 12th) !!! (Yaaaayyy!! Enjoy your day off!) andĀ Next Wednesday (October 14th) will follow a Monday ScheduleĀ (all you classes that you normally have on Monday will happen on Wednesday)

That’s all from me! I hope you found this helpful. Enjoy the rest of your day and week!



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