Introducing your Peer Mentor!


On Monday, Sept. 14, in Intro class, we’ll be visited by your FYLC Peer Mentor, Ngozi Okonkwo!  Here’s a message from Ngozi, and your can read Ngozi’s other posts by clicking the “Peer Mentor” category:

“A Peer Mentor is a fellow student at City Tech who serves as an extra resource and guide for new students on how to navigate through college. Sometimes it’s easier and more beneficial to ask certain questions to a student who has been in your shoes rather than a professor, and that’s what I’m here for! You can come to me with any and all questions (ex: how to set up your email, Blackboard, financial aid and scholarships, activities and events, clubs, etc.) and I can help to point you in the right direction. The one thing that I am not is a tutor/ TA. I can point you to different tutoring resources or advise you on how to set up office hours with your professor if you need extra help in your courses, but I personally won’t be able to answer specific class questions (especially considering I’m a mechanical engineering technology major whose main exposure to Law comes from Law and Order and How to Get Away with Murder).”

Here’s Ngozi’s email address if you’d like to reach out:

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