Law in culture review

For my law and culture review i chose the play “The exonerated” by Jessica Blank Eric Jensen. The overall plot of the play is that it follows 6 individuals who were wrongfully imprisoned and did not commit the crimes they were convicted of. The story is comprised of letters, transcripts, interviews, and public records. The purpose of the play is to expose injustice actions committed by the justice system, and to show how flawed it can be for the individuals on trial. One story that stood out to me was that of Robert who was wrongfully imprisoned and convicted of raping and killing a white woman by racist cop. This shows that even before 2002 being wrongfully convicted due to race was a thing. I’d suggest a watch, it would really open your eyes to a lot.

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  1. Hi Hasani, thanks for this, it sounds like a compelling play. Sadly wrongful convictions on the basis of race were around long before 2002 — at least 400 years before — and still persist today. I look forward to your review.
    Prof. C.

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