Resotrative Dentistry 2411

COURSE DESCRIPTION:   This course is designed to demonstrate all practical  procedures, terminology and techniques, previously learned in complete denture fabrication. Student laboratory conditions will duplicate some of the features, and practices of laboratories found in hospitals both private and Maxillofacial government; as well as privately owned dental laboratories. This course also covers application of advanced level techniques; including inject-able flexible partial denture techniques, maxillofacial techniques, and Anaplastology, which includes the fabrication of an Obturator denture, and/or facial, or cranial replacement part. Fabrication of whitening trays are also included in this course for patients of the Dental Hygiene Department, for practical experience. The contents of this courses, are designed with the intent to comply with ADA (American Dental Association) accreditation standards, policies of New York City College of Technology, and department guidelines of theRestorative Dentistry Department.


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