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Painting With Light

I like this photograph because it looks simple yet interesting all together. Painting with light is extending the exposure so the camera captures the light for a longer period of time. Good shot, Paul’s team did well on this.

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Portrait Basics

I like the picture because she looking into the light instead of the camera, which is mostly short light. This photograph was the background light which is creating a little separation from the background. And the fill is also nice.

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I like this close-up because the details on the petals. The contrast makes this composition strong, and also the yellow lower is dominant against the purple one.  I think the lighting direction at a 90 degree angle on the right … Continue reading

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Exhibit Review.

The Aperture Gallery presents Patrick Faigenbaum’s project for Kolkata/Calcutta. He is a French photographer, and an award winner in 2013. Upon entering the gallery on the 4th floor using the elevator, a desk will be on your left. The gallery … Continue reading

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Shutter Speed

      Shutter speed is the unit of measurement which determines how long the shutter remains open as the picture is taken. The slower the longer. Shutter speeds are expressed in seconds or fractions of a second. For example 2″, … Continue reading

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Pattern Assignment.

I feel this photograph was the strongest I took today. I think I did what I was aiming for; which is focusing on the middle and getting the blur not just in the background, but also the front. This also … Continue reading

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Scavenger Hunt

Working as a group is always a good idea, I get to see the ways my classmates approach things when doing the assignment. I think we worked really well,  we all took photos before agreeing which of all worked better … Continue reading

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Photo Description (HW1)

Image: The Lams of Ludlow Street- Five Years Later. Out of all the talented photographers listed for this homework, Thomas Holton’s photographs were the ones I felt more attracted to. Perhaps it was the way his photos showed how … Continue reading

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LL1- The Thing Itself

When taking a photograph we look for the thing we want to capture, and what we desire to show the world. The difference of the photograph and the thing itself is that the world is always in motion, but the … Continue reading

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