LL1- The Thing Itself

When taking a photograph we look for the thing we want to capture, and what we desire to show the world. The difference of the photograph and the thing itself is that the world is always in motion, but the photograph is just a moment which you could probably only see in the taken photograph. For example a butterfly resting upon a flower, this one which could leave and never return. These are the moments that make photographs be more important than the thing itself. Everyone see and feel differently when looking at a photograph, they could feel some sort of connection when looking at it. It is like traveling. If you look at a photograph you took while visiting this place, you would remember how wonderful, or tragic it was. This is how the photograph becomes the important remembered reality of the thing itself.

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  1. rmichals says:

    As you say a photograph of a trip becomes the thing we remember as all the moments we did not photograph fade. But in other ways too, photographs can misrepresent a moment in time. We might be having a very bad day but smile for the photo or vice versa be having a great time but be recorded at an off moment and look sad.

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