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Painting with Light

Printing with light uses a long exposure to draw an image with light over time in the frame. This photo is effective because the picture was made using flash lights and seems to be dramatic with the black background. Using … Continue reading

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I like this photo because the profile view is very dramatic. The dark shadows on her cheek and light under the eyes creates a contrast. The light also brings out the reflection in her eyes. This photo is centered creating … Continue reading

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Exhibit Review: Patrick Faigenbaum

Exhibit Review: Patrick Faigenbaum- Kolkata/Calcutta Kolkata formerly known as Calcutta is the capital of India’s West Bengal state. “Kolkata/Calcutta” the title given to a current series of photographs by Patrick Faigenbaum presented at Aperture Gallery in New York is an … Continue reading

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Lighting Direction

This photo was taken from the side profile.  The yellow pops out from the black background and creates dramatic negative space.  The lighting is coming from the top side and that makes the front petals look brighter than the back. … Continue reading

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Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is the the length of time a shutter is opened to expose film.  The shutter speed assigns low numbers to slow film and higher numbers to faster film.  I like this picture because it represents the result of the shutter speed … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Bridge

This is a very interesting  picture! I really like this picture because the log seems normal but the pattern it creates is pretty fascinating. The repetition of the cracks and holes creates a pattern that most people might miss. The … Continue reading

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ll3- scavenger hunt

This photo illustrates the use of leading lines perfectly. The angle in which the photo was taken makes the lines stand out ever more. The line under the name is also important and sets the mood for the leading lines. … Continue reading

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  This photo uses the element of negative space very powerfully. It also shows vertical lines and can be used for close up framing.

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Homework1 The photo I chose is called Self Portrait with Jet lag in Tokyo by Matthew Pillsbury. This photo stood out to me because I like how the photographer captured the city at night and was still able to balance … Continue reading

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The Thing Itself

Many photographs capture a moment in time but somehow, the photo and the “thing itself” are not the same. When taking a photo, the subject and actuality of the moment gets filtered because the “thing itself” didn’t pause while the … Continue reading

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