The Thing Itself

Many photographs capture a moment in time but somehow, the photo and the “thing itself” are not the same. When taking a photo, the subject and actuality of the moment gets filtered because the “thing itself” didn’t pause while the photo was  being taken and it will not pause after.  Meaning, a photographer is capable of capturing a moment but can only take so much. Although people pause to take photos, the surroundings don’t and will continue to change even after the photo is taken. As time goes on the “thing itself” will no longer be the way it was when the photo was first taken . For example, taking a photo of Central Park in New York in summer will not look the same as a photo taken in winter. Although it is Central Park in both photos, they will not look identical because time didn’t stop when the first photo was taken.  Although time changes, the actual photos of Central Park in the summer and winter will remain the same long pass the season. Photographs have the power to make us capture a precious moment and remember it, even though the “thing itself” gets lost, the photo will live way past the moment.


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