Desirée Alvarez | COMD 1100 | Fall 2020

Project 7 Bezold – Cristofer Rodriguez


  1. Mathew Lozada

    Overall, great design Cristopher it look amazing I love the use of high key colors and the color’s are overall very calming. Also your use of organic shapes really make your image look like a cat. Overall your colors are saturated and not too flat and is very eye pleasing. Amazing work Cris!

  2. Angy Vasquez

    I love the use of figure ground in the features and shadows of the cat rather than drawing a black outline. Your cat digital painting is a very Obvious(stable) figure ground, thus its pleasing to look at. Your inorganic shapes make your work unique and interesting. The shapes aren’t random, there is a sense of unity within your composition. I love the combination of using a primary color (red) and a secondary color (green), that are opposite from one another in the color wheel. Therefore, your colors are compliments and create a huge contrast to make your artwork bolder and pop more. I definitely prefer the saturated yellow background since the green and red you chose are desaturated. The difference in saturation helps us see the cat more than the desaturated purple because theres more of a contrast.

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