Course Description

Principles and practice of publication design. Analysis, research and design of the contemporary multi-page publication. Creative assignments leading to the design and production of a newspaper and magazine. Integration of design and production in the computer laboratory using software such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Learning Outcomes

For the successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Define and explain newspaper industry figures and organizations.  
  • Define and explain unique functions of news desks including designers/art  directors.  
  • Define and explain the role of “special  sections” in daily newspapers.  
  • Describe and analyze the contents and  visual components of “special section” front  pages.
  • Design and produce five (5) different full size “special section” front pages, each  consisting of a section logo, typography,  grid and specified visual elements including  photographs and illustrations.  
  • Define and explain the role of the magazine logo, cover, table of contents  page, department pages, features well pages  and end page.  
  • Design and produce a magazine consisting  of logo, three (3) covers, table of content  page, four (4) department pages, three (3) features articles double-spreads and one (1)  end page utilize all specified typographic and visual components including text,  photographs and illustrations.  


The following syllabus presents the college approved course requirements, learning outcomes, suggested weekly course outline, etc. Your students should meet the defined learning outcomes and COMD Standards, but please adapt the weekly outline, project guidelines, and grading scheme, as needed.

Model Course

If available, a cloneable model course contains learning outcomes, suggested weekly topics and projects, video resources, quizzes, and more.

Course Coordination


Name: M. Genevieve Hitchings

Title: Associate Professor


Office: N-1127

Phone: 718-260-4945

Faculty Homepage


Please review the COMD Standards for Curriculum Continuity.

Course Resources

This course utilizes the following Open Educational Resources (OER), zero cost resources, and/or required textbook:

  • New Dimensions in Graphic Design, Blackwell, Lewis and Brody, Rizzoli International Publications

BFA Resources

Please review and share the following resources with your BFA students.

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