I was born 1991 in Accra Ghana and at the age of five moved to the united states to live in New York State in the city of New York. My early child hood was good and had very few problems except missing my father because he was often away on business, though I remember him returning from different countries with gifts for my brothers and I. I also remember the feeling of family when we were all home together, this I believe is why I feel so strongly on the importance of a strong family. My education also good while we lived in Ghana, my brothers and I attended private schools and when we came to the United States my older brother and I attended Ps.Ms 306 and my little brother went to catholic school. I loved my years at 306 though it was while I was attending this school that while my life was protected and shielded by my parents and was good not every one else’s was. It was then that I began to realize that I wanted to help others or to entertain. I began to join many programs so i could reach this goal such as dream yard a program in which students performed plays for thousands of people, then I began to tutor younger students who were in danger of failing English a program that I loved very much and helped me to realize that I wanted to interact with real people. So late during my middle school career I decided that I wanted to be a lawyer and took advantage of a program which allowed students to intern with real lawyers and argue cases in front of actual judges in a competition called Thurgood Marshall. After graduating middle school I decided to go to the High School for health Professions and Human services where I continued working on my goal of  helping others and interacting with people, it was at this time that I had the opportunity to intern at Bellevue hospital which thought me many things about the health services community. It was also during my ears in high school that I first started to work, my first job was as a counselor at a youth summer camp where I met a few lawyers and continued in my goal of maybe becoming a lawyer. Once again graduating I chose to go to the City College of Technology because it had a paralegal studies degree and internship and I thought it would be a nice stepping stone to becoming a lawyer. It was however while I was in the paralegal studies program reading case files and searching through encyclopedias that I finally realized that though being a lawyer would help others it would not allow me to interact with real individuals or the communities which I really wanted to help and the degree that most likely seemed capable of allowing me to do this was the human services degree.

I decided to become a human services worker because I wanted to interact with many people and also give something back to my community. while I was growing up my life had no major problems and my parents raised me to be a Christian and provided for me and my brothers with God’s blessing. But I also saw what  was going on around me and the problems that others had and I got older I witnessed  the drugs,  prostitution and crime that was happening in my community and the lack of strong family bonds which I believe is very important in my community. I want to become a human services professional so that I can interact with the communities I came from and give something back to those communities. The more I learn about the human services profession and its direct outreach to families and communities in need the more I want to be such a professional.

I believe that I have many personal and professional strengths that will enhance my effectiveness as a human services professional. One of these strengths is that I care and am very passionate about reaching those in communities who might need a little push or help to have rich successful lives. I am also relatable, patient, likable and have strong religious and family values. all of these personal and professional strengths I believe enhances my effectiveness as a human services professional . I also believe that the culture I was born to also enhances my effectiveness as a human service professional because  in my culture we help one another when we are in need.

As a human service professional I would like to work with families and individuals in large communities picking those who might need help to achieve their goals. I believe that with this population I would be better able to interact with large numbers of people as well as be better able to understand my clients. I would also need to better develop my counseling skills so that I could better serve this population and meet the challenges of forming close ties with families  or individuals I would however be helped by the strength in the community as whole. In all I believe that human service professionals need to work with whole communities and families to make a bigger difference.

In ten years time after graduation I imagine myself  to be successful in career choice and living a successful life with my family. In all however  I chose a career path in the human services profession because I believe that with this profession I can give back to my community. I had a great child hood with a loving family and I want to help provide others with that experience because I believe that family is one of the most important things in the world.