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My name is Cyril Odame-Adjei and as far as I could remember I have always wanted to help people and make a small difference in this world. This has led me to many majors such as law and history but I have finally settled on human services as my major. I have settled on being a human service major because it gives me the options of being many things such as a councilor or even a community organizer, I feel that with this major I can accomplish something. I also have some skills in the real world in high school I did internship at a hospital, did some accounting, and finally I now work as an employee at Walgreens helping customers, cashiering and learning how to handle a stock room. I also believe that in life people need to laugh and so try to have a positive outlook on life and make people laugh. A motto of mine is “forgive and forget” because I believe that you can’t go through life bitter and as such I have strong religious and family values.

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