Honors Scholars Program Newsletter

For my Publications Assistant internship with the Honors Scholars Program, I edited and designed the entire Scholars volume 6 issue 1 and volume 6 issue 2 newsletters as a contributing editor, art director and graphic designer. I edited a total of 12 articles and designed all of the layouts, cover, and table of content pages in Adobe InDesign.

I later worked on the Scholars Volume 7 double issue during the spring 2020 semester with Tyne Hazel, a student Intern in the Professional and Technical Writing program. I guided/supervised Tyne throughout the creation of this issue. Her task was mostly focused on obtaining and editing personal statements. Once again, I worked on this issue of Scholars as an art director, graphic designer and contributing editor.

Volume 6 Issue 1

Download (PDF, 9.48MB)

Volume 6 Issue 2

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Volume 7 Double Issue 

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