My name is Christopher Navarrete and I am a senior in the Professional and Technical Writing (PTW) major with a specialization in Communication Design. For years, writing and design have been a passion that I never explored. Although I have always found enjoyment in creating research essays and layouts, I never considered concentrating in those areas. Fortunately, a close friend inspired me to delve into them.

After about three to four years in the PTW major, I obtained newfound respect and dedication for the writing and design fields. Courses such as introduction to PTW, Specialized Communications and Information Architecture were some of the most difficult, but enjoyable and informative classes I have taken in my life. While the professors were very strict, they cared deeply for all their students and pushed them to their limits.

I consider my participation in the PTW major and Communication Design specialization to be invaluable because I learned a great deal on writing, design, communication, and business. I also learned how to use crucial programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign effectively. For example, I am now able to create magazine and menu layouts, Ad campaigns, websites, brochures, manuals, and extended summaries among others. Overall, I have grown a considerable amount in professionalism, maturity and ability since the first PTW course.

Currently, my goal is to improve my skills as a Technical Writer and Communication Designer. I also strive to show the world how essential these fields are for communicating information effectively. In regards to my career aspirations, I am interested in utilizing my design and writing skills for a gaming company.

In the end, I am glad I joined the PTW major. I learned an extraordinary amount from all the professors and students. In addition, I am grateful to the person who inspired me to join the major. He became my tutor and taught me everything he knew about writing. I truly would not be here without his help.

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