As a hobby, I love to create and edit content such as lifebars, screenpacks (menus), and stages for Mugen, a free 2d fighting game engine designed by Electbyte. I am recognized as a contributor for the Mugen Guild forums, one of the largest and well known Mugen communities. I share all my final projects to the world and give fellow members constructive criticism on design and coding. As of this writing, I have released dozens of content for the community, reaching hundreds of downloads overall.

In addition, I manage a YouTube channel that hosts Mugen gameplay and work in progress videos. Currently, I have more than 220 subscribers and my videos have been seen a combined total of 72 thousand times.

I started creating content for Mugen and my YouTube channel years ago because I have a strong passion for the engine and its creative and ambitious members; It is a fun and educational experience to see what they create next. Because the community has had an arduous past since its inception, my goal has always been to make it grow in both members and camaraderie.

For more information on my hobby, please visit my Youtube channel. Below are two playlists containing my gameplay and work in progress videos respectively.

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