Team project 1&2

Analysis: Working on Team Projects 1 & 2, a project where a group of 3 have to break down a show, and create ground plans, budgeting, calendars, and load in/strike plans for the show. This was a great experience for me because not only was I understanding the importance of communication and understanding the roles of each member. But, using auto cad in a group environment, rather than by myself. This was new to me because when using auto cad in my previous 3 years, I was able to work at my own pace and not have to worry about anything except the due date. On the other hand, when in a group environment, all my previous habits have to change. As my work was crucial to other parts of the project such as budgeting and planning. But one of the most crucial lessons that I learned from this assignment was keeping the “consideration of the worker who is building it in mind”. Meaning when I am drawing out how two flats go together, make sure that there is enough room for a worker to be able to get the bolts and tools in there to fasten the flats. This came after an issue with my drawing, that there was a gap which was 6 inches wide and was where I had planned on putting a bolt. The small gap would make it difficult for a worker to hit their hands and tools into that spot. After some planning, I was able to not only change the gap, but completely get rid of it in the form of a much smoother flat that is easy for a stagehand to quickly assemble and disassemble. The challenge was more of me not realizing that the flats are being built to what I want them to be, and even though I can be creative with my ideas, it’s important to keep the little details in mind. As it can not only be easier for the build, but the workers as well. 

Application: after completing the team projects. I feel that I am more comfortable using auto cad in a more group effort. Even though I could still freshen up on my auto cad skills, which will be much easier with my new computer I just purchased. I still feel that I could still be an asset to a group. For example, I am currently in the works on 2 brand new projects. 1 being a model, and another being a tool shed for the Apollo theater. The lessons I learned from this project will help me in completing the drawings because for one, I will be able to communicate what is in the drawings to my boss, partners or my clients. In addition, I will also be able to see the drawings I do much differently and take into account how a worker would be able to put this together. Such as my model, I placed 0’-1” magnets in specific locations to help keep the entire model stable and easy to build. However, some magnets may interfere with each other because they are so close, the connections that are typically stronger are now weaker because there is another force pushing back against the other 2 magnets. Keeping the idea in my head while drawing will help me not make extra cuts when building and I will be able to get work done at a much faster rate.