containing or using only one color.


Color combinations or schemes refer to how two or more colorscomplement each other. Color schemes or palettes are often defined by where they are situated on the color wheel. … The four most common color schemes are known asComplementaryAnalogous, SplitComplementary and Triadic colors.

Prismatic Colors- are the colors that can be seen when white light goes through a prism. Examples of the prismatic colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.33c7b8e683ce6e50da0d045e931b940d

Muted colors-When you take a  color tone, and you mix it with white or grey, it dulls it down to make the color less. bright or in other words it makes it  mutrd or mute. Jacquelyn McBain, lexicographer avocationallly. Written Sep 17, 2015. When you mute sound, you make it quieter.qhy4v

Achromatic colors-

In printing, achromatic is used as a synonym for “ black  and  white.” A  black and  white print has shades of grey, but greyscale is also considered to be achromatic because it lacks hue, which means it cannot be classified as a subset of the colors  red,green,blue (RGB) or  yellow. all harmonies a