Hi there. My name is Christian Lopez. I’m a College Freshman that is trying to successfully graduate with a Bachelors in Graphic Design.

I don’t really know anything in the field of Graphic Design ,but I am familiar with other fields of art such as acting, and cinematography. As a child Graphic Design was something that would always baffle me. It isn’t only about art,but it is also used to communicate with others using subliminal messages ,and or altering an image to create  different perspectives and convey messages you are trying to get across in a visual way.

I have interests in Anime, manga, K-pop,J-pop, Smooth music , classic art ,drawing,  architecture , cinematography, gaming, and everything there is to learn about Graphic Design. My main reason to why I joined this major is strictly because I love Graphic Design and even though I’m just starting I already know that it would be a dream come true to have my artwork somewhere where the world can see  My class goal is to successfully complete it with a understanding of what I am getting into.

My life Goal is to work with some of my favorite companies like Funimation, Sentai Filmorks, Sony, Viz Media, and Yen Press solely because I am would like to do covers for their manga’s, dvds,and adverts online. I am Currently trying to figure out how to apply to internships that will help me further understand the concepts of Graphic Design.