CDMG1111 update


The City at night represents the loss of light, but ultimately it will come back. The type which is Helvetica was mainly used because I had no idea you could download other fonts for I.D. . The idea for the city mostly came from Nyc,but the other half of the inspiration came from “Cats the musical”. At the beginning of the musical “cats” several eyes appear from the sides so I inputted that feeling I received into my work. The Quote is done in a way that your eyes would flow across the page and end up in the dump.


On this second visual Quote I chose to do simplicity with perspective on this one mostly because of the way my room looks like. although I couldn’t make the edge on the wall I was still able to to create perspective with the table. the trash can next to it was supposed to create a connection with the Quote since the quote does use the word trash.


visualquoteprojectupdatevisual-quote20160928_223821sketch and concept 20160928_230540

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