Announcements Vol. 16 Webinars

CTW Webinar on Digital Publishing and Academic Relationships

This event, to be held on 5.31.21 from 3-5 pm, will feature writers from the latest issue of City Tech Writer, City Tech’s journal of outstanding student writing. Along with faculty who sponsored their work, writers will discuss developing their work from a classroom assignment to a published article. They’ll also discuss collaborating with other students, professors, and CTW editor Professor Lucas Kwong. We’ll hear readings of excerpts, host breakout groups, and have a larger Q and A session. Profs. Kwong and Atilio Barreda (Computer Systems Technology) will host.

2) Speakers will include student authors of selected entries (still TBD), the professors who sponsored those authors’ submissions, and Profs. Kwong and Barreda.

3) Attendees will learn about the digital publishing process and its dependence on thoughtful, collaborative scholarship. They’ll also learn how to build collaborative relationships with faculty, in order to translate research into published work. Finally, in being introduced to City Tech Writer, students will be encouraged to submit future work and join our community of writers.

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