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Volume 15 (2020)

From Vol. 15’s preface: “Even as this crisis has highlighted the fragility of an interconnected planet, it has also forged and renewed solidarity across borders, between doctors, essential workers, and family members. How fitting, then, that the contributors to this anniversary issue continue City Tech Writer’s proud tradition of parsing the threads that compose humanity’s tapestry: the threads linking strands of DNA, in one essay’s examination of gene therapy; linking narrative and metaphor, in analyses of classic novels; linking gender and mortality, in a consideration of ancient Egyptian funerary rituals; linking outer and inner battlefields, in fictional and non-fictional depictions of war and military life; linking homelands and new homes, in numerous reflections on immigration….”



Volume 14 (2019)

From Vol. 14’s preface: “As the new editors of this journal, we’re thrilled to present a tour through our students’ personal experiences, intellectual adventures, and creative experiments. Throughout, you’ll note a desire to forge connections between subjects, time periods, regions, and methods of achieving social justice. The link between math and fashion comes to the fore; the humble potato journeys from the 1500’s to the present day; a one-act play explores the familial ties linking China and America; and hip-hop joins forces with social media to empower the youth of #Blacklivesmatter. Several English students incisively analyze a play (Angels in America), explore a period (the Harlem Renaissance), and compare a classic film (Casablanca) to its lesser known original source. Creative works also thread together mundane acts such as working or strolling down a street, turning everyday life into poetry…”


Volume 13 (2018)

From Vol. 13’s preface: “As always, our writers cover a lot of ground… We’ll discover a  new way to fight climate change, travel to the Culinary Olympics, and contemplate the end of a country. There are pieces about live-action roleplay, visualization in bioinformatics, and the endless quest to discover the largest prime number; one writer shares a passion for manners and another connects her personal struggles to a life of altruism…”


Volume 12 (2017)

From Vol. 12’s preface: “Once again, our students have given us a range of experiences and ideas to contemplate. Chock full of intense and passionate pieces, this volume comprises essays that peer into the past, wrestle with the present, and glimpse the future: a human face is put on the refugee, the struggle of the PTSD victim is illuminated, and the Dreamer’s journey is considered. Fake news, the rise of computerized sportswear, the struggle of the honey bee, and the accidental creation of a sci-fi kitten are just some of the ideas in store…”