Submission FAQ and link

What is City Tech Writer?

City Tech Writer is an interdisciplinary journal of undergraduate writing focused on publishing excellent student writing from across the disciplines.

Would CTW be interested in my students’ writing?

Yes! We publish lab reports, research papers, essays, interview transcripts, and creative work – including photographs!

What does publication involve?

Your work will be featured on this website as well as in the physical print. Hopefully, we’ll be able to hold a reception where you can celebrate your contribution to the scholarly community. Your piece may even be selected in a Sampler that shows off the best of City Tech Writer.

How can I get involved?

Professors, please upload student papers with student and faculty contact info at the following link. Once you have submitted, you will receive access to a Dropbox link where you can upload your file.

City Tech Writer 2021 Submission Link

How many pieces should I submit?

If you’re a professor, we request that you sponsor no more than 3 pieces. If you’re a student, we request that you submit no more than 2 essays.