CUNY Students Outrages About Gov. Cuomo’s CUNY Budget Proposal

Students in CUNY Outraged by Governor Cuomo’s State of the State announcements

New York, New York – February 16th 2016 – Students attending the City University of New York are displeased with Governor Cuomo’s recent announcements regarding the college system. Cuomo recently announced a $15/hour minimum wage for the State University of New York, but left the CUNY system out of the proposal. CUNY students are outraged, especially after coordinating mass days of action in solidarity with striking fast food workers fighting for a $15/hour living wage. In his State of the State address, Cuomo also announced that the university system would be cut $485 million dollars – an amount that could be potentially debilitating for CUNY. Cuomo urged Mayor Bill deBlasio to increase funding to CUNY to make up for the deficit in a political move that jeopardizes many educational programs needed throughout New York State…..

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