My first task & What I Have learned, #4

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

February 14 was my first day in the new company. I was told to redesign our company website. My supervisor told me that our website needs a new look for quarter two 2022, which is summertime. So I start my research and studied company history, logo, brand colors, and also typography, etc. I look for references websites. Then I had to sketch out the new layout of the website. I showed my supervisor my sketch then got approval from her. Next step, I created the wireframe by using Adobe XD. My supervisor also told me I could use another software called Figma to design my wireframe next time. She told me that Figma wireframe UI kit is popular recently in the industry. Then I build the prototype website after the wireframe. She helped me with my design process. I really treasured this opportunity.

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