Ethics in Graphic Design : Ethics Entry #1

Photo by Patrick Perkins on unsplash

1. The first journal entry will discuss their experience at the internship related to the ethical guidelines discussed in the AIGA guide.

a) They are to discuss how the design work they are doing handles sourcing of images and the company’s trademarks & logos.

I am working as a web designer/developer in a bags company called Manhattan Portage in the SOHO area. I love my internship, I have signed a confidentiality or nondisclosure agreement. So I never published the works that I designed or built to anyone. 

b) It will also discuss if they had to sign a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement for their internship site and how they have handled that with regard to their internship journal for this class

And our company follow the AIGA Design Guide. We do not use any photographs or designs that have been designed by other designers, artists, or photographers. We have our Design team with one graphic designer,  two photographers, two web designers, and two videographers. In other words, we use our own photos, graphics, and videos. We should not face copyrights issues.

In conclusion, this lesson is so important. If I want to be successful and professional in this field, I must follow design ethics policies.

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