Company Event, #7

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As I mentioned in the previous journal, we usually have company dinners last Friday each month. I have learned not to have alcohol during the company dinner.

The company pays for the dinner; however, the company only pays for the employee’s first alcoholic drink. (non-alcohol drink has no limitation)

The President of the company mentioned that she does not suggest too much alcohol appeal in the company event. First free alcoholic drink just for relaxing purposes.

In the lecture, Prof. Niclolaus mentioned a few points about things should be avoided in the company event:

  • Excessive drinking at company events – Company events are not the place for drinking. It might sound very serious, however, the events are part of work as well. We do not want to say something Inappropriate in front of your colleagues and manager. Because alcohol makes you relax. Humans may misbehave when too relax. Always keep it in mind, do not drink alcohol during company events.

  • Inappropriate table manners – The same thing there, we do not want to misbehave on the table. For example, if you drop your cutlery on the floor, do not just pick it up and use it. Don’t be shy to call the wait staff and ask them for new cutlery. Also do not make noise when eating.

In general, your best behavior at a company event should be no less professional than any other business activity. I am glad that I learned this topic before I attended my company event.

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