Hotel Review, The James Hotel, South Beach, FL

I really enjoyed this article from the Travel section of the NYtimes. This article talks about a new property opened by the James family, and its combination between the past and present. I was under the impression that the only James hotel was located in downtown Soho, Manhattan NYC, but I realized I was really mistaken. Both properties are absolutely different. The property on this article is basically a resort destination, which can also work for Transient and Corporate travels, but to me its target is guests that travel with their families for vacation. I mean this is located in Miami, South Beach! Eventhough the amenities and prices sound Ok to me, I identify myself more as a Transient guest, and still prefer the James Hotel in the NYC area. You cannot go wrong if you choose this hotel! It has great amenities, but its location is the most attractive thing. I think I will try the James hotel is South Beach, it is highly recommendable to explore other properties in other states in order to get a better understanding of their differences, especially if they belong to the same brand. In this order you will become more familiar with things such as the fair market value (rates), compare room size, and most important their culture, who they are, what they do different.

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