Embroidered Patches & Overseas Manufacturing

DAY: #6

This week I was in charge of setting up an order of embroidered patches from logos I created. I was given a company’s number from the main designer and I was instructed to call and request a quote for a quantity of 500 embroidered patches of two separate designs totaling 1000. I was pretty nervous dealing with the company because I did not want to mess up and look bad but things went smoothly. When I was done speaking with the customer service representative for the company, I relayed the information to the main designer an information he approved the quote. He gave me the company credit card and instructed me to make the necessary payments and the order was set. I was then put to the task of monitoring the status of that order making sure  the quality, size and color was what we wanted. I was in charge of this process every day until completion.


Reviewing Patch Samples For A Design I Created