Self Evaluation/ Fashion Tech Pack Designs

Day: #7

I think that my performance at Top Captains upon arrival was great and over the past few weeks I showed so much growth. In such a short time I believe I showed a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity. I think my curiosity showed that I would be a great asset to the company. The main designer made me feel very welcomed and I believe he was very impressed with how much I knew about fashion and design. The owner also told me that I had a great eye for design and style. One of my favorite projects that I worked on this week was the 6 panel hat fashion tech packs for overseas manufacturing. I found this project fun because the main designer gave me the freedom to come up with my own ideas which he later approved and sent to production  I designed everything from the inside brim of the hats, the inside line, the strap tag and the inside hemp tag. I was also given the ability to design the main style of embroidery. This was very informative because I learned about different types of embroidery.


Hang-Tag Design