Welcome to Brooklyn!

  • imageWhile I am not originally from Brooklyn (or the USA for that matter), since moving here many years ago, I consider Brooklyn the place to be if I can’t be at home. I enjoy welcoming folks to my little borough from wherever their coming from.
    Recently, I had the pleasure of welcoming Silva, a native of Brazil who move to our borough from Manhattan. After welcoming here to the best cleaners in NYC :), she asked where I was from, St Vincent and the Grenadines (apparently I have an accent), then proceed to tell me she from Brazil, her Husbands from Italy and their kids were born here in NYC. They moved here two years ago, and after running out of space in Manhattan with two growing kids they made they move to Brooklyn. She loves its here and can’t imagine moving back to the city.
    I gave Silva a rundown of where the parks, and other kid friendly activities are held in and around her area and of course all the best places to eat in Downtown Brooklyn.
    Welcome to Brooklyn Silva!